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Drolet Machinerie
Historic - Drolet Machinerie
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The company began its operations in Drummondville in may 1993 with a team that already had more than 20 years of experience.  The growth target of its leaders has continued to evolve.

Will the first of Mr. Drolet, founder of the company, was to create a company focussed on customer service unparalleled in surrounding himself with competent people, both equipment suppliers hates range than level of its employees.  This winning combination makes sure that since then his business is constantly changing distinguishing themselves in the market by its QUALITY its EXPERIENCE and its TECHNOLOGY.

Innovative in various fields such as Plastic & composites, Stone, Wood & panel products, Aluminum/light alloys, glass and Material Cutting and many other solutions, Drolet Machinerie inc. continues to meet the market demand.

The company is constantly evolving, from 3 to 10 employees.  Drolet Machinerie inc. continues to distinguish itself by the experience of his team by offering a guarantee to obtain advice, support and training tailored to optimize the quality and performance of your projects.

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